Oh, bummer! But anyway life goes on, bro'!

Life's too short

Oh bly me, Obama!

Life's too short

Don't blame me

For i did always favor Kucinich.

Oh-bly-me, Obama,

Life goes on, bro...!

Once you're shafted you scream up

But bye and bye you then shut up.

Oh-bly-me, Obama,

At least he's better than the old creep...

Let Obama do his pretty face...

And let McKiller bite the dust.

Too-too-too! Too-too-too!



Hillary works all day at the market place

Obama does his pretty face

And at the end of the day, so one hopes,

The whole band sings the happy songs...

Don't blame me

Oh-bly-me, Obama,

One never does as good

As one has all along been hoping for!

La-la-la! La-la-la!



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