Bernie, Maureen and moi -- Trinity Exploding (again)


Bernie, Maureen and moi -- Trinity Exploding (again)

I don’t even know how right I am, but am I?

Let’s peruse it again: “Now that they’ve belatedly started recruiting arabic speakers — after the military forced out more than 300 linguists considered important to the war on terror in the past decade because they happened to be gay — our intelligence agencies are not sure whether they’re signing up the good guys or the bad guys.”

Yep. Thus sayest Maureen Dowd in her latest installment of 3/10/05

Don’t get me wrong, I’m tickled numb the girl, but let me analyze a little bit her precious tirade…

That’s what she’s saying. The brain-dead military what the fuck do they do this time: they force out 300 linguists who, because they happened to be gay, were considered important. Important, you bet. To the war on terror.

Considering that most of the dead-brained terrorists, thinking as they do militarily, are also gay (of the self-hating variety — here comes their love for killing… Witness Napoleone, Alexander, and the rest of ‘em generals.) As are most of the linguists, all day sitting in hemorrhoidal discomfort searching for words… As are (it goes without saying, everybody is on the know in this respect,) as are all arabs per se… And most of males per se, not excluding the recruiters — in fact the recruiters are no doubt gay in a hundred per cent, otherwise why would they spend their days on mortal earth recruiting other males much as themselves, meaning, warrior-like, and consequently gay — in the aggressive ballsy male-full hue of gayness, of course.

And let’s not forget our intelligence agencies, whose intelligence (oxymoronically enough) springs from the gray matter of their warring balls. With their balls all bunched up in a worrying stance when they work…, out of work, they distend and gather in bunches as the bunch in the nasty branch of the gay population to which they all (I don’t know how proudly) belong.

Otherwise, how do you devise, and put into practice the manuals for torture in which the balls of the prisoner play such a gay part…?

You tell me, because my gayness never springs martial nor militaristic nor torturously bellicose...

As to whom are they recruiting, whether the bad or the good, of this I’m sure: the good gays for them, the bad ones (of whom I flee as soon as I smell ‘em, speak ‘em arabic or farsy or farty or what) for moi.

“The laws and uses of america have lately been dictated by the dry dreams of tacky spinsters,” said that fellow Bernie Russell a few decades ago, bewailing the abolition of healthy drinking, resettling doping, nice fucking, perfect eugenics, and such; but nowadays he would have added (how the fuck do I know — but I don’t, I’m just being rhetorical) that the laws and other instructions for the butchers of society (at home and abroad) to apply far and near, and straight and narrow, and wide and sphincter-loosely enough, are dictated also by the ludicrous nightmares of sadist cowards (in uniform and in mufti both), meaning the militaristic cum evangelical rabble now in power, of course, most of the numbers of whom belong, no point ignoring it, even that nice girl Maureen has noticed, to the cruel, crueler, cruelest branch of gay.

Oh yeah.

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