What a dreadful bane

Death to asspain

I hate opera

I used to like it

(Minus the fat sows and hogs

Fulsomely trying to pass

For ephebi and other virgins)

But then that species of sick spic appeared

Plassído Domíngo – (or Plafído

As he said it

And which is a name that makes him still

More of a singing turd)

And then here I was

Irretrievably disgusted by opera

Opera equating shit.

The turdy guy’s is an asspainer

And spics I really hate

(They taint with their wickedness

Everything they put their priggish claws on)

But if the spic’s an asspainer

Than nothing is shittier

For me

I retch and tremble with

Nausea and loathing.

Hey only the asspainers

Dare put a turd above their name!

(Epana epanol

But with the added abjection

Of the angry shit of a wavy turd above

Got it?)

Fucking creeps

They only look like chimps

Actually any monkey

Beats them at tic-tac-toe:

Sick turd

The ape mimics

You lose!

What a pretext for sewage

They are

Expendable cockroaches

Apostles of pestilence

Any arid idyllic landscape

Made gooey and infectious

With their presence.

The gods with me yawned no more

Came the singing turd and they and I

Panicked and left town

Never again to return.

No gimmick can redeem nor rescue

The operatic scene.

Go fuck yourselves sows and hogs

Exert upon the unwary your baneful influence

I hate your stupid attitude

Refusing to acknowledge that a singing turd

Ratchets turmoil and the whiff

My god

The whiff

We faint

We flee

Never again



More death to asspain

My brother Cardenius Lightbulb

Was born in Alacant


He had trouble with his papers

And then he fucking started wondering...

How the fuck could he be an asspaining spaniard

If he is a Catalan...?

He’s hated the (ass)spaniards

With all his heart

He’s been wanting them all dead for ages

On end

Nothing has he desired as deeply as their extinction.

(Hey, or at least he’s often dreamed

As who wouldn’t

With the delicious prospect

Of all of them out of one’s own country, en masse

Like the plague...)

Scram, fucking awfuls

Stop cannibalizing

A Catalonian is not to be befouled

With your excruciatingly sickening name

Nor to fodder be equated

For you to hideously munch

He’s been saying forever

Out and away


Far to the ends of hell.

For who could ever abide more of their stink

And their constant thieveries

And their nauseous N’s

(With that shitty bourbonist turd they carry on top

Talk about an eyesore, shit!)

Catalonians speak Catalonian

(Ass)spaniards cackle (ass)spanish

Damned bureaucrats

Are they so fucking stupid

That they fail to get it?


In too many instances


to hell with the bloody sickness

nobody wants asspain!

uglier pain ever inflicted!

what a dreadful bane!

asspain is painful

down with it once and for all!

each of us has to find some sort of remedy!

drastic nostrums: let’s apply ‘em all


from the venom to the ax

from the scouring acid to bomb

and from hey what have you to whatever

no treatment barred

the subtlest allowed together with the awfulest

on the contrary: the more lethal the better

for the suffering’s been going on for too long

plenty of brave people have had to suffer from asspain

time to eradicate it

let’s blow asspain out of the bottoms and the shit-smeared maps!

ah sweet payback

ah superb redemption

remember the fallen

all those noble

enterprising peoples who were robbed

exiled horribly tortured and killed

by centuries of asspainish inquisition

by centuries of asspain’s hated motherfucking misrule!

and yet its murdering goes on


fascist borbonist asspain

it simply must be stopped

by all means necessary!

at it justice-seeking heroes of the world!

crush asspain!

do away with it already for all time!

death to asspain for evermore

let’s all do our utmost to erase its nagging corruption

the world would be a better place

to be in

without the traces of it: the bloody sickness

without the memory of its tyrannical stupid ill-sounding actuality

a tiny paltry but monstrously annoying canker on the earth’s skin

a hideous cancerous outgrowth the earth itself must get rid off

if only to gain back a little bit of well-being and peace

‘cause asspain – ach, asspain

asspain’s such an unbearable



eixavuirint al sac de les serradures

amb una lot em faig llum i...

La meva foto
C.R. Morell his paltry efforts,