Catalonians honored in Frankfurt -- well deserved accolade for the Catalonian Nation

Catalonia, the Catalonian nation, the Catalans en masse, rejoice now than in Frankfurt the book fair honors their writers -- some of the Catalan writers are the best writers in the world.

They used to be about the best anywhere: remember Ramon Llull, Ausias Marc, Francesc Eiximenis, Joanot Martorell, Bernat Metge, Arnau de Vilanova, etc... Then came Guerau de Liost, Puig i Ferreter, Pedrolo, Reig, Cremades... Etc. Now you've got Sebastià Alzamora, Quim Monzó, Martí Domínguez...

A constellation of marvelous writers. I'm awed. We should all be bloody humbled and awed.

Damn! When will the world recognize that Catalonia has been crushed by a militaristic fascist borbonist junta during these last 300 hundred years? Catalonia deserves the universal ackowledgment that by now it has victoriously withstood the sinister winds of war during 300 years -- and the powers of Europe (plus the U.S.) have been all the while propping the enemy of Catalonia (the fascist castilian shit) instead of helping the Catalans liberate themselves.

Anyhow, Catalan literature is one of the best of the world. And Catalans should be allowed to choose their independece. Asspain is a bloody mess.

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