Dear Old Horace Quintain

Military Affairs, Military Matters. All To Do About The Martial Art Of War...
AJAX Is Our Presiding Patron. Bleeding, Dying, We Nonetheless Salute,
A Smile On Our Hardened Masks, Our Short Broken Sword Aloft.

Eximious Specimen of the Warrior.
Name's Horace Quintain of the Schrapschropsnellstopshire Quintains.
Formaly formerly formaline of the Winged and Cavalry Corps, currently of the Calvary Corpse.
Poly-Retired cum -Decorated General, you bet.
I'm a Foreign of the Veteran Wars, and I drink my resilient residuous resinous whiskey straight
with a gay chaser of an ambulance stretcher with a gay inside.
So there, come on, chest forward and so forth. Don't make me come there, you stump!

I remember well his frequent expostulation: "We are blood of the martians!"

eixavuirint al sac de les serradures

amb una lot em faig llum i...

La meva foto
C.R. Morell his paltry efforts,