Where Are The Heroes Of Yesteryear...

Where Are The Heroes Of Yesteryear...

...I beg to know. Where are those mean meat-eaters man-eaters?... Commander Kerry, yearning for the job of our recently well-unmatched Killer Bush, said it plenty clear when as a sturdy youth (how times change and soften you!) praised the so valiant soldiers and their amazingly pleasurous deeds. Without fear they raped. Fetuses, embryos, even older boys and girls. And from tied-tight taught sinews they hung whatever they cut from the elusive enemy -- more elusive alas 'cause of the bloody bleeding blood they bled before you cut 'em, and afterwards, would you believe, they bled more still, still more bled they. From the sinews of old codgers, Achilles talons and such, they hanged, how proudly, their badges of honor, all the trophies they cut: ears, noses, breasts, clitorises, balls, pricks, tongues... And sundry other excrements, those to the gooks pertaining as to their immediate and far families, be they warrior concubines or moribund geezers, for for them no matter, for everything shone, and shone enough, and its shining sheen was pretty galore, and how prettily it hung.

And Commander Kerry said: How proudly we sang under the patriotic arches of our sickening smokes and reeking vomits of moonshine.

"Their privates, their privates, their privates from our necks... From sea to shining sea-ih-ih-ih..." Hysterical, my friends.

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