A lesson plucked from elsewhere, much as the children's ears were

Is my contention that one ought to be able, if ever asked if he speaks “spanish”, to freely answer: I do, I speak Catalonian.

Parlez vous français? Oui, je parle Catalan.

Why the avarice of the castilian and the “french”?

Are we Catalonian not in the Iberian peninsula, are we not in “France”? Are some pigs more “equal” than others?


Think “castilian,” grab your guts, wince in loathing, and now you
know what castilian is: the cancerous festering tumor in the arid ugly
bowels of the Iberian peninsula.

What ignorant creeps all around the world keep on calling “spanish” is
actually castilian – all those horrors: inquisitions, bull-tortures, that
repulsive language of theirs, the monarchy, the killing off of entire

Only that, ignorant as they are, those misguided creeps follow the fascist
diktat of calling everything castilian “spanish”.

Also, contrariwise, so that everything Iberian be called castilian (and everything Iberian “spanish,” and consequently castilian.) That’s the fucking covetous trick those cancerous suckers spread like a spider’s net. And a little piece of castilian shit becomes monstrously big thanks to the absorption of its cancerous tentacles.

As if Portuguese, Andalusian, Catalonian or Basque never
existed! There are five nations in the peninsula. By rights, no nation should lord it over the other four. Or conflict explodes. Actually the minor, poorest, more bureaucratic nation, the castilian, pretends to rule the other four. Never with any success. Disaster after disaster, historically speaking. The “successes” over America were totally falsified. Belonged (if any) to the Catalonians at the beginning, with Cristòfol Colom and the other “conquerors”, all Catalonian, and to the Andalusian afterward, as the settlers sent en masse. Nowadays the Portuguese (except for a “lost” chunk called Galícia) deludedly abstain. But the other three nations, Catalonians, Basque and Andalusians, haven’t given up the fight. We want our rights and freedoms fall who may.


Most of those that follow the nazi injunction to call everything castilian
“spanish” would probably be disgusted and horrified to know how the
ultimate implementation of those injunctions came

How often the Catalonian children, some of them people I knew, had
their tongues pulled out, ripped away, simply uprooted, just for the
“sin” of having spoken a word in Catalonian in one of those fascist
prisons called spanish schools...!

The beatings for speaking in Catalonian were bad enough, but we are
talking about children whose tongues were snatched away, were
grabbed, and tugged and jerked away, were pierced with the talons of a
bestial fury and drawn out and torn apart. The vulture hand of the crazy
fascist teacher whose previous job had been perhaps as a fighter with
the nazis in the Russian front. They were all recycled veterans, or
displaced criminal bureaucrats brimming with hatred. They had been
members of the fascist party and imprisoned after their killings, but
now they had been “recovered” as teachers of the castilian tongue for
the Catalonian children. They taught the language (in the singular), and
they watched that the nauseating tongue of the vanquished, the
invaded, never was heard (and never was heard of) again. To properly
follow the injunction, the recalcitrant boy or girl had to have his or her
tongue plucked.

eixavuirint al sac de les serradures

amb una lot em faig llum i...

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