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Another good American spelling bee

So the master of ceremonies at the “national” spelling bee asks the whiz girl to spell “Values”

Whiz Girl: “Values. C. A. N. T. Values.”

MC: Correct. [To the other whiz girl:] “And now the word is Democracy…; Democracy, please.”

WG: “Democracy. May I have a definition…?”

MC: “Etymologically, government by the eligible people. Who defines eligible depends on the bosses’ brand of nastiness. In America, government by blood-thirsty red-neck money-crazed church-going representatives of co-opted mobs integrated by particularly mean and ignorant nobodies who attentively listen to their preacher.”

WG: “Democracy. D. E. M. O…”

MC: In American, please.

WG: In American, sorry, thank you. Democracy: D. E. A. T. H. Democracy.”

MC: Correct!

(Yeah, yeah... Hurrah, you bet! Virtually to a simian, the addled-brained TV watchers cheer. Their democracy is very peculiar, never direct, always delegated to pious prejudiced creeps who, when they export death all over the world, they call it democracy – not that it matters – democracy, shmootzacrazycy, it’s all “Grecian” to them.)

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