Oh, happiness, for we are reborn (once again)

Can’t the somber citizen take a


Can’t the somber citizen take a hint? Can’t the fucking fascist at last


Yesterday, Saturday, the 18th of February, 2006, over three million Catalonians

took to the streets to demand once and for all independence.

The twenty million Catalonians spread all over the world rejoice and

wholeheartedly support the marvelous push ahead toward a citizenry (newly filled

with renewed hope) whose rights are no longer trampled.

Independence is at hand. No longer shall the Catalonians take a second row in the

direction of the world’s events. No longer shall the Catalonians have to beseech

anybody in order to have their most revered language recognized all over the

word. No longer shall the Catalonians beg to be accepted into the different bodies

which regulate the organization of competition sports.

Here we come, Catalonians the world over, dominating every sport!

This shall be a glorious day to remember. The go ahead toward imminent


Let the fascist creeps that wanted to enslave us forever fuck themselves; prospect

most foul.


Freedom, here we come; make room for the best people ever roamed this (up until

now boring) desert! Aren’t we the genuine article!

Catalunya, heart of Catalonia, is knocking at freedom’s door. Isn’t freedom

getting wet? Her arms are opening, also her legs… Soon after Catalunya is free and

independent, the rest of Catalonia shall follow — we want altogether a piece of

freedom. Freedom, the whore that had eluded us for three centuries, comes to her

senses, becomes a faithful matron warrior whose preferred lovers we


There’s no doubt left now about who are the darlings of madam freedom.

Catalonians, the strongest motherfuckers of them all

Take this, disgusting somber citizen, and


eixavuirint al sac de les serradures

amb una lot em faig llum i...

La meva foto
C.R. Morell his paltry efforts,